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  1. Announcing our Pilot Museums

    Over the last few months, we’ve been running two strands of workshops to develop our prototype processes and software. Bolstered by insights, suggestions and critical queries from our project partners and invited industry professionals, we’re reaching the last stages of prototype development. We’re nearly ready to see how our prototypes perform in real museums and […]

  2. The Sensational Museum Brand Design

    Designing a visual identity for a non-visual project Project Research Associate Charlotte Slark reflects on the design process to create The Sensational Museum brand As a project with accessibility at its heart, we wanted to make sure that the Sensational Museum branding was as accessible as possible. But how do you create a logo that […]

  3. Blogpost: Belfast Retreat Reflections

    Project Lead, Hannah Thompson, reflects on what we learned sharing the project in Belfast Our first podcast episode was created by TSM post-doctoral researchers Sophie Vohra and Charlotte Slark. They made it as a pre-workshop listening task for participants to access ahead of our Belfast ‘retreat’. It also works as a stand-alone introduction to The […]