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Welcome to The Sensational Museum

A conspiratorial female voice welcomes us to The Sensational Museum: in the background, in a large atrium, people are chattering excitedly. A chord chimes.

The Sensational Museum is a research project radically re-thinking the role of senses in museums.

A £1M project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), this interdisciplinary project will design and create sensory interventions that are accessible to all – using what we know about disability to change how museums work for everyone.

The Project

The UK heritage sector wants to offer all visitors memorable, inclusive, engaging and enjoyable experiences. Museums increasingly provide access to their exhibitions, narratives and artefacts for everyone, with their evolving practice including accessible offers (such as audio description, BSL, audio-guides, interactive content, community and educational programming) for people who cannot experience the museum in traditional ways.

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Person looking at an old oil painting in a gallery setting

Is your museum sensational?

Is your museum sensational? We’re keen to showcase examples of good and interesting practice from museums and heritage sites around the UK of accessible and inclusive design, resources and practice generally.

If you’d like to feature work from your museum or heritage site, please tell us about it using the form below, and include a link to information about it on your website. We’ll be in touch if we have any questions, and to let you know if/when we feature it here on The Sensational Museum.